Most of the small businesses have online forums that they use to interact with their clients. This has greatly helped them to get more clients as well as safeguard their reputation. Over the years, website developers have mastered the art of making online forums that are easy to operate as compared to the conventional ones.

Today, we look at some of the main reasons why the large firms or corporations do not have such online forums.



No Experts

Most of them do not have experts who can run and monitor the forums. This is because they focus more on generating revenue and attracting more customers. Unknown to them is that they can use the forum to even expand their client base even further as the forums can be accessed from anywhere in the world unless they decide to make it geo-specific.

Reducing Operating Cost

Most of the managers who run large firms that I have had the privilege to interact with told me that they are always looking for ways of reducing their operating costs. This helps them to meet their monthly and yearly profit targets. Hence, they are of the idea that establishing and running a forum will be an additional expense that they are not ready to bear.

Finally, they do not think that online forums can really help them to expand. This is because they feel that they already have a large market and are popular in the world and so, they do not need to invest in other marketing strategies.