The online forum is a great way of marketing your products by interacting with your customers. It is useful in networking with entrepreneurs that have succeeded in a business similar to yours. The success of your online forum may be hindered by several habits.

Here are the habits you should avoid in your online forum.

Fake Active Participation

Surely, the online forum is a means of interacting with your customers. You should not only seek to promote your products but also try to listen to the online users. Acting like an active participant for the sake of promoting your commercial interests may trigger the failure of your blog.


Excessive Marketing

One of the most annoying behaviors in online forums is persistent marketing. You might be so interested in marketing your products that you post messages that are not related to the topic under discussion. This may make your users dislike you and leave your online forum. Ensure that your posts are related to the subject and avoid excessive marketing as it drives away the participants.

Ignoring Criticism

Sometimes the participants in your forum might critic your services. Avoiding complaints against your products creates an impression to your users that you do not value their feedback. This may deter active participation. Taking criticism personally creates an unfriendly environment and leads to failure of your online forum.

Avoiding persistent marketing and pretending to be an active participant hampers the success of your online forum.