A few months ago, we got a call from one of the leading pest control companies, Expert Pest Control Provider, a internationally accredited company that specialize in providing services to both commercial and residential premises. They wanted us to help them design, create, and manage an online forum that they would use to reach out to their target audience. Here is a brief summary of how we handled the project.

Agreement Signing

We arranged a meeting with the company to discuss the fine details of the project before we embark on creating the forum. In the meeting, all the departments indicated what they would want the forum to help them achieve. For instance, the accounts department stated that they wanted a forum that would help them to respond to queries related to billing more conveniently.


With all the information, our team of designers got down to work and started to design the forum. We created a prototype and showed it to the company before creating the final copy. They were pleased with our presentation and gave us a go ahead to complete creating the forum. However, there were some minor glitches that they noticed and requested that we work on them before presenting the final copy. Actually, the main reason why we missed the errors is because the company had not provided us with all the information we requested for in the first meeting. For instance, we were not aware that they had a quality assurance department and spider control personnel.


Final Touches

We went back to the drawing board and started working on the areas that the client wanted to be changed. This only took us one day and sent them an email informing them that we would meet them in two days to showcase the forum. After this meeting, they were dumb folded to see how the forum functioned smoothly, this time with no glitches. They agreed to pay the agreed amount and we proceeded to managing the forum.

Managing the Forum

As per our initial agreement, we were to help them run the forum for the first two months. We did exactly that by monitoring how their clients were using the forum. We realized that some of the people who came to the site looking for rat control services had problems highlight their requirements, and so we made some changes to ease the process.  As a result, we decided to create an short instructional video.

In a nutshell, we enjoyed working with the company and would not hesitate to take up their project in future.